Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter

This type of letter could be something that you’ve wanted to write for a long time, particularly if you have not enjoyed your job.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that someone would like to say or write, “Take this job and shove it…” 

Of course, you could do that, but it would probably not be the wisest decision you’ve ever made...

You have to consider the consequences of everything you do.  Such a resignation letter could come back to haunt you.

A business letter

A resignation letter is a business letter, and as such, should be prepared with all the consideration and planning that you might put into any other type of business letter.

Basic business letter format

The basic format is the same as other business letter – and this letter format can be applied to the majority of your business letters. 

  • Always write for the reader. 
  • Keep the reader in mind. 
  • Put yourself into the reader’s position.

First short paragraph - Tells the purpose and makes the reader feel good if possible.

Middle paragraph(s) Provide the details briefly and succinctly.

Final closing paragraph - Begin with a direct request for action and add a goodwill comment that highlights benefits to the reader.

When you approach any letter with this format and plan, you should be able to write an effective and commendable letter.

Writing a resignation letter

Follow the guidelines below:

First paragraph

The purpose –

Please accept my resignation from the Board of the …

  • Make the reader feel good with a goodwill comment –

It is with deep regret that I have come to this decision. 

  • OR 

It is a difficult decision, but I know that it will be in the best interests of everyone. 

You can make the good will comment in the opening paragraph relate directly to your specific situation.

The middle paragraph

The details

In this case, you need to put yourself into the reader’s position.  If you can use the word contribute, you may have a good result.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for the firm, and contributing to your successes.  I am sorry to leave, and I will miss …

  • You might add a short message if you feel it would be helpful.

The closing short paragraph

Begin with a direct request for action.  Add a goodwill comment that highlights benefits to your reader. 

Please contact me at … if I can assist you in any way. 

  • Then, add the goodwill comment that highlights benefits to your reader.

Please contact me at ... if I can assist you in any way.  I look forward to hearing many good things about your firm in the future, and I will always keep good memories of my time with you all.

Yours truly,


If you follow these guidelines - not just for writing a resignation letter but for all your business letter correspondence - you will become an excellent writer!

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