The Targeted Resume
For the Specific Job Application

What is the Targeted Resume? This type of resume is created specifically for one particular application. It is not a generic resume. It shows the strengths and experiences you have that relate directly to the specific application.

Generally, this type of resume is prepared for a specific job description and a specific company. The name also applies to a resume prepared for one specific profession - Professional Engineer, for example - where the writer seeks employment exclusively in one field and with specific job skills.

You know you want the job! You know you want to work for the company. How do you prepare a Resume that will tell the reader that you are the best candidate for the job? How do you write the perfect resume? Do you need special writing skills? Do you need writing practice?

With practice, you can develop the special writing skills. You can achieve anything you want to achieve!

Objective - Focus on the reader

First of all, the Objective at the top of the resume will make it clear what you want and what you can contribute. The challenge is to make that Objective focus on the needs of the reader – not on the needs of the writer.

It's not only the objective that needs to focus on the reader. Everything you write through the resume should be written with the benefits and needs of the reader clearly in mind.

  • How can you fill the needs of the reader?
  • What can you do to contribute to the reader’s needs?
Preparing the Objective with that in mind will be the first step.


Provide skills that directly support your Objective.

  • What skills will the reader be looking for?
  • Highlight those skills.
  • Refer to the Job Description and to the Job Posting.
  • What does the reader advertise for?
Answer that advertisement clearly, specifically, and succinctly.



Education and Work History

Education and Work History are also important – and your goal is to catch the reader’s attention from the start.

Only if your resume will pass the 10-second test will you have a hope of winning the Job Interview! ...and winning the job interview is your goal!

What does the reader/prospective employer wish to know about you for this targeted resume?

  • Provide only the skills and experience that are directly relevant to this application.
  • Consider the functional resume for this type of application. Avoid providing too much extraneous detail that will simply fill up the resume and annoy the reader.
  • Prepare the resume with a clear focus.
  • Stick to only the information relevant to this particular job application.

The benefit of this type of Resume

  • You know what the reader wants to know.
  • Provide that information succinctly, clearly, and effectively.

Will your resume pass the all-important 10-second test?

If you carefully plan the contents of the resume with direct reference to the Job Advertisement or the Job Description, you should find your task somewhat clear and organized.

You may consider including the following sections:

  • Objective (How you can contribute)
  • Relevant Skills
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Interests
  • References

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