How to get the most out of your resume!

You need a resume

You have not thought about a resume for a very long time - almost forever. 

  • You cannot even remember who might have prepared your first one - or when that was. 
  • Or you have never prepared such an important document. 

This information is for you.

So where to start?

Figure out your plan.  Think about your future. 

  • Do you want to change your job? 
  • Do you want to apply for your first job? 
  • Is there an advertisement you need to respond to? 

All of these questions need specific answers to allow you to move forward successfully.

When to start?

Start right now!

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This information is for you!

The perfect resume

The perfect document

You'll hear people talk about it.   What is it?  How can you create it?  It would have a specific goal - and that would be to accomplish your goal.  Your goal is likely to get the job you want. 

So, can you actually prepare your own document?

Can you use a computer?  Can you use Microsoft Word?

Here are some hints on how to get started.

Think about what you want to accomplish. Think about who you are.

What is your story? 

I will provide you scenarios (and hints) for each of the following:

  • The woman who has worked at a rather unsatisfying job for a few years, but then has stopped working to raise her family.  Now she wants to get back into the work force.
  • A young man or young woman who wants to get a position in his first job.
  • The individual who wants to change careers.

Re-entering the work force

Re-entering the work force

If you have been out of the work force for a number of years, things will have changed from a few years ago.  Everything changes.  That's not unexpected.  But how you deal with it is going to be the answer.

Functional Resume.  It will be the Functional Resume that will be most effective in this situation.

Read up about your job. You can join communities online that will discuss what is current in your job area.  Read articles to get yourself up to date. 

If you feel that you don't really have any skills that would be relevant in today's job market, then consider taking some night classes or joining an online class that can help you get back "up to speed" in your job area.  If you take an online course, you can work at your own pace, at your own timetable and that may be a very satisfying option for you.

However, if you choose to take an online course, be committed.  Many sign up for online courses and they just never complete the course.  I find this a huge waste of money - and if you need money (and that is why you've chosen to go back to work) then you don't want to waste money.

If you are trying to re-enter the work force, the resume that shows your interest in getting up to date by taking relevant courses will be worth far more than a resume that show no recent attempts to get caught up to date.

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Getting your first job

Getting your first job

If you are seeking your first job, you are likely fresh out of school.  It is ideal if you have had a part-time job through your school career.  That will be very beneficial.

Part-time employment.  If you are still in high school, then get a part-time job that will earn you a little money, but will also serve to show future employers that you have had job experience.  An employer is looking for someone who can work,  who is reliable, able to keep a job,  and "fit in" with others.  So, having a job to highlight will impress the employer and show clearly that you are someone who can be taken seriously. 

In any job, you gain experience - and you can share that experience with your prospective employer in your curriculum vitae. 

Volunteer experience.  The best way to show that you are a hard worker and someone  caring, helpful and outgoing is to volunteer in your community.  Volunteer experience shows well for any employer, and it also can serve to make you a better human being -  having an interest in others who may not be as well off as you are.  That quality is a very important one in so many ways.

Changing careers

You want to change careers

You have been working for a number of years at something that is not satisfying for you for any number of reasons.  You feel negative about getting up and going into work every day.  That is not a good situation.

However, when you consider applying for another job, you must avoid any hint of negativity.  Your attitude - your positive attitude - will be very important as you approach another possible job.

You will have skills.  You will have a good record (we hope) at your place of employment.  Or if it has not been a pleasant experience, you may not wish to use your previous employer as a reference.  That is something you need to work with and present very carefully.

So, for each of these situations, you can highlight the positives.  You must highlight the positives.  Highlights your strengths. 

Your first task is to write down all the strengths you have as an individual, as an employee, and all the skills you have that you can CONTRIBUTE to your employer.

The employer wants to know what you can do for him/her - and here is your chance to consider that.  What is that you can contribute to your employer?  to any job?  What type of person are you?  Are you reliable? Honest?  Do you integrity?  Are you punctual?  All of these traits can be presented in your letter of application that would accompany the resume.  You must focus on the benefits to your employer.

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