Resume Writing Cover Letter

Resume Writing Cover Letter

When resume writing,  the cover letter is an important addition to accompany and to explain to your reader/potential employer/recipient what is your intention with the attached resume or CV.

You’ve worked hard at writing the best resume possible, writing the perfect resume.  Now you need to add an appropriate cover letter that will do it justice.

Resume Writing Cover Letter

First of all, sending a bunch of resumes out in the mail is not going to work. That tactic is far too impersonal. 

You need to present yourself at the place of business – often if necessary – and let them see you – see who you are, that you can dress appropriately for that particular business style, and that you are serious about wanting a job – about wanting to join their firm – and serious about wanting to contribute to their success.

That is an important point – you want to make sure that the potential employer knows that you want to contribute your skills and experience to the success of the business.

  • Of course, you cannot indicate that, with you, the business will fail. 
  • That type of arrogance would not be tolerated by the potential employer. 

But you do need to indicate in your cover letter that you can add value to the existing business – and that you are willing to work hard to fit in to that situation.

Resume Writing Cover Letter - What will go over well with your reader?

  • Fitting in – being part of a team
  • Adding value

Those two ideas and ideals will go over well with the reader – the potential employer.

Short and succinct.  Remember that the letter needs to be one page.  You need to be formal.

Follow the skeletal outline for the business letter.

The opening.  Start with a short opening – two sentences. 

  • The first sentence highlights and tells the purpose of the letter (and the accompanying document). 
  • The second emphasizes an advantage or benefit to the reader.

The body.  The body paragraph(s) will be short and briefly describe why you are qualified for the position.  Stress what you can contribute and why.

The closing.  The short closing paragraph will be separate. 

  • Begin with a request for action. 
  • Please contact me at …
  • OR  I will call you …
  • Add a short goodwill comment to close – again highlighting benefits to the reader and indicating your interest.

Here we go – as an example - Resume Writing Cover Letter

The opening paragraph:

  • Please consider me as a member of your team ….  
  • Please consider me for the position of …

Then the closing sentence:

My eight years as … make me an ideal candidate for the position, and I look forward to helping your firm stay at the top of the industry.


I know that my skills and experience will be a great benefit to your firm in …

Something like the above – tailored to your specific situation – will work well.

Keep the opening short.  Don’t get into the detail until the middle paragraph(s).

The middle paragraph(s)

Here is where you tell the reader why you are qualified for the position. 

  • You have to sell yourself, so you must focus on the writer – but don’t just list all your accomplishments. 
  • Instead, highlight the most important accomplishments or skills or qualifications and relate them to contributing them to the organization. 
  • That tone will work very well.

Also, indicate that you are honest, reliable, hard-working, willing to learn, willing to fit in – other characteristics that your reader will be looking for.  You may have “integrity” – an very good word.

Resume writing cover letter

Finally the closing

Keep the closing paragraph short as well. 

  • Begin with a direct request for action – or mention that you will be contacting the reader. 
  • One or the other. 
  • Provide a means by which the reader can contact you.

You might write:

Please contact me at … OR ...I will call you in the next week to …

…to discuss how I can contribute to your firm


…to discuss what I can bring to your firm…

A short closing statement of goodwill, emphasizing the benefits to your reader.

I look forward to working with you to ensure that your firm stays at the top of the industry.

Something like the above can be tailored to your situation – the specific application – quite easily.

  • Avoid copying word-for-word from a sample resume or sample cover letter. 
  • The words must be yours to give the reader some of your personality. 
  • But the general outline as above will work very well.

Resume Writing Cover Letter

A letter prepared as above will be short, succinct, and effective.

Focus on success!

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