Resume Writing Career Change

Resume Writing Career Change

You find yourself on your own. You are not employed right now - or you are thinking seriously of changing your employment.  For whatever reason, you need to change what you're doing - and the big question is "How do I go about making this change?"

You need help writing a resume.  You need help writing the cover letter.

Resume writing career change

Resume writing for a career change is not as challenging as it may at first appear to be.  This page will help you through this transition.

Of course, going back to school for upgrading courses would be helpful.  That would not only help you personally, but it would look very good on a resume, indicating that you wish to improve yourself and learn constantly.  That would be one of the first things that the reader would see - and an excellent idea!

The functional resume is what you need

Are you a woman?

If you are a woman -

If you are a woman, you may have been out of the workforce for some time. Women may find themselves in a position much different from that of men because women are the ones who generally have stayed home with their families:

  • Perhaps you have been a stay-at-home mom. 
  • Most women in your situation start to think negative thoughts - that it's not possible that you'd have any skills to offer a potential employer. 
  • But that is just not the situation. 
  • You have to be positive, positive, positive!

You have been organizing and managing your household - excellent skills!  You have been organizing not only your own life, but the lives of your family - keeping everyone happy - and putting yourself last!  Now, it's time to think of yourself.

The Objective.  Your objective is an important part of the resume.

Men and Women - Were you employed until just recently?

Or you may have been employed until just recently?  This includes both men and women.

If you are someone who has been employed until just recently - or are currently employed, seeking a change - you will also want to use the OBJECTIVE section of the resume to indicate how you can contribute to the employer's needs.  That first section will not change regardless.

Ask yourself a few questions...

Resume writing career change - Ask yourself

  • What skills have you acquired over these past few years that an employer would find valuable? 
  • What characteristics of you, as a potential employee, would an employer find valuable?

You have matured from a few years ago - in many ways.  You are reliable and responsible, and you think of others before you think of yourself. You have integrity and you're honest!  These are valuable traits.

An employer would find that very enticing.  Resume writing for a career change begins to look easier when you find the right perspective.

Think success in this transition!

Think success in this transition -  resume writing for a career change.

Thinking about success - imagining success - can put you into the right frame of mind to actually become the success you envision!



The Functional Resume

Resume Writing Career Change - The functional resume is what you need.

The functional resume highlights your strengths and your skills when considering a career change.

The Objective

The OBJECTIVE - at the start of the resume - is most important. 

  • Focus the objective on what the reader needs. 
  • Show how you can contribute to the needs of the employer  Begin with that at the very start. 
  • Make it clear that you are considering the employer first - not yourself. 
  • Show how you can provide valuable assistance to the employer's goals.

...Here's a brief example:


The SKILLS section of the resume will come below the OBJECTIVE. 

Highlight the skills you can bring that are directly relevant to the Objective and support the Objective.  The skills will stand out clearly because they are presented in a bulleted-list format and they follow directly after the Objective. 

...Here's a brief example:

Work Experience/Professional Experience

This section will highlight the various jobs you have held. 

  • Present those jobs more as skills, rather than specific jobs. 
  • Highlight the skills you learned at each location - and highlight the length of time (rather than the chronological dates) that you spent honing those skills.

...Here's a brief example:

Summary - Highlight your skills

Above, you see a brief representation of what the functional format would display.  Clearly, the skills are highlighted. 

Remember to put yourself into the position of the prospective employer.  He/she will want to know how you can help the company. 

"What can you do for us? "

Resume Writing Career Change You will be successful if you clearly answer that question above - What can you do for us? -  and answer it within the first few seconds.  Make that important information jump off the page when the reader reviews your resume.

Resume writing for career change can be a most satisfying effort!

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