Resume Objective Examples

Resume Objective Examples

The Objective in resume is a very important part of the document.  It provides a focus for the document and, more importantly, a focus for the reader of the document.

Keeping a strong focus is important for your resume.  So, we need to discuss the format of the resume objective and provide resume objective examples.

The top of the resume should provide your personal information – so start with that.  But the second thing the reader will see is the resume objective. 

So here is how you might begin your resume – with the personal information at the top.  Note that the OBJECTIVE appears immediately beneath the personal information.

Another note:  In a box – if you choose to enter the information in a box – note that the space above the text is the same as the space below the text.  The text is centered within the box.

A nice and professional heading - such as the above - sets off this document and adds to the professional image.

Now, what to write for the Objective?

Consider your goal.

Is it a specific job at a specific company?  Is it a specific job, but at any company that may be hiring?  Is it an entry-level job?  Is it a management position?  Can you start right now?  Do you want part-time?  Full-time?

All of that information can be provided in a very SHORT and SUCCINCT objective.

The goal is to have your reader able to read the document – and understand its contents – quickly and easily.  The information should be formatted to “jump from the page.”

Resume Objective Examples

So, what is your objective?  Here are some resume objective examples:

A full-time position as staff writer, available immediately, where I can contribute my skills and experience to your firm.

A part-time sales position where I can contribute my happy and outgoing personality to help serve your clients.  I am available immediately to contribute to your firm.

You can devise your own best objective.  Follow the guideline above. 

It is short.  It’s not a full sentence.  The objective is a noun – and that is what we begin with.

  • A position …
  • A full-time position…
  • A part-time position…

What kind of position?

  • A full-time position as
  • A part-time position as …

And the idea is to include the fact that you want to contribute to the reader’s needs.  You want to somehow add value to your reader’s situation. 

Always write for the reader.  Do not consider the benefits to the writer – but always the benefits to the reader.

A full-time position as business teacher with the Lambton Kent District School Board where I can contribute my many years of experience to the benefit of the children in your care.  Available immediately.

A full-time supply teaching position with … where I can contribute to the sports program at the school and assist the general staff in as many ways as possible.

All of these examples are viable, but they must be tailored to your specific situation with your specific interests and goals.

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