Punctuation Checker

Punctuation Checker

It’s so easy to give up your writing to a robot – something that will check your punctuation without your having to do anything – without your even having to think.   

But that is not likely to happen.  First of all, no software is fail-proof, and you will want to do real justice to your writing.  Though there are programs available on the market, the point is that you have to be able to trust yourself to make the final decisions.  An artificial intelligence is not the remedy or cure-all, though it might provide some assistance.  And if you understand that concept, all the better!

The only true editor or punctuation checker would be a human being who understands the intricacies of the communication and how to add the punctuation to make that understanding so very clear and easy – at a glance.

Writing style is something you need to develop - and a good writing skill will include a good facility with punctuation.

Punctuation Checker

Let’s talk generally about punctuation.

Why are these little marks so important?  If I were to take a paragraph and provide it without any punctuation, you would have great difficulty understanding the message. 

See for yourself:

I’m learning to throw the ball is in the shed in the garden I have planted roses some tulips and irises were on sale this week.

The above is just a silly lot of words unless you add punctuation.  They are rather difficult to read without the proper punctuation. 

However, with proper punctuation, it can actually make some sense.

  • I'm learning to throw.
  • The ball is in the shed.
  • In the garden, I have planted roses.
  • Some tulips and irises were on sale this week.

Someone is likely to argue that it’s not a difficult challenge to sort through the meaning of that little paragraph.  However, that may be true, only because the paragraph is a short one.  

It does, however, illustrate that, without proper punctuation, confusion can set in rather quickly. 

If you are trying to read through something for understanding, you would have to stop and reread a few words to be sure that you have the correct meaning.  

Punctuation will help you avoid a communication breakdown!  Punctuation will help you break down communication barriers!

Punctuation has the purpose of making clear sense of words and phrases.

Learn to write well and learn your punctuation rules. 

  • The best formatted letter or resume will be unreadable if the punctuation is not correct.
  • The best credentials in a resume will have much reduced importance if the business letter and resume contain obvious errors and do not have accurate and clear punctuation.

The most common rules – and the most commonly misused punctuation marks – can be rather easy to learn if you have the desire.  

As with anything, if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. 

If it is to be, it is up to me!

If it is worth your while to write, then it’s worth your while to learn to write well – and that includes punctuation.

So, become your own punctuation editor!

The most common problems occur with commas

The most common punctuation errors occur with commas.  People like to write sentences that go on and on, with only a comma between them.  This is an error known either as a comma splice or a run-on sentence.

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