by Kenny
(Silver Spring, Md, USA)

In 2011 I file a complaint with my superior reference everyone in my department receiving a grade increase and me not receiving one. I was enformed by supervisor that it was a mistake that my paperwork was not submittrd. At time i felt it was a honest mistake and i was willing to give the organization the oppurtintuy to correct problem. After 17 seventeen month and the command being lessthan forthcoming I feel the need to elevate this to the Director of my organization.


Thanks, Kenny. Here is how I would write your letter:

Dear Sir

The complaint that I submitted in 2011 regarding omission of my grade increase is something that should have been resolved months ago. Please will you follow through on this situation so that I can receive the grade increase to which I am entitled.

At the time, in 2011, everyone in my department except me received a grade increase. My supervisor, Mr. X, informed me that this was only an omission because my paperwork had not been submitted. I felt it was an honest mistake, and I have been waiting for the organization to make this situation right.

However, it has now been a long 17 months, and I am still waiting. You may imagine how inconvenienced and how disappointed I am in this situation, and in the lack of action on behalf of the organization. I feel that this is quite unacceptable.

Enclosed is the paperwork that was to be submitted in 2011, and proof that …

Please contact me at 555-1234 to let me know how you can resolve this oversight and let me have the accreditation that I am entitled to. Because I have been a loyal employee for X years, and I truly respect the company, I look forward to hearing from you with a positive response.

Yours truly,

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