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All the parts of speech are building blocks that help you to put your thoughts into words.  Clear writing is very important to effective communication.

Some of the parts of speech are, perhaps, more important or more visible than others.  Still, every part of speech has its function.  Without each simple and individual part of speech, and especially without an accurate function of each in the sentence, your writing will be clumsy, awkward, and unclear.


This part of speech is a word that is positioned “before” a noun to form a phrase.  The make-up of this word indicates the meaning and helps to explain how this part of speech is used.

Pre (before) and position


Prepositions - "position before a noun or pronoun"

These words indicate location in a phrase – either physically or in time.  They show a relationship between two entities.  Consider the following:

You can be:

  • On the roof  (relationship between you and the roof)
  • Behind the house (relationship between you and the house)
  • Below the house (...and so on)
  • Above the house

You can be:

  • Before the meeting
  • After the meeting
  • During the meeting

You can be:

  • On the stage    
  • On the desk

You can be:

  • In the drawer
  • In the show
  • In the shower

You can place combinations of phrases together for a specific meaning:

  • Out of the yard
  • In front of the house

In the first example above, “out” is an adverb telling “where.” 

Still in the first example above, “in the yard” is the phrase telling the relationship between the “where” and “what”  - out of the yard – as opposed to out of the house.

  • The prepositions are “in” and “of”


This part of speech simply provides a word that sits before a noun or pronoun (because a pronoun can take the place of the noun) to help indicate the position of whatever it is that the phrase is describing.

  • To him
  • From him
  • With him

It shows a relationship or a position.

Phrases can be adjectives or adverbs.  All of the phrases modify or describe something else.  

When you work with this part of speech, you will write clearly and succinctly with definition.  Learn to work with this part of speech and you can achieve effective business writing.

Some common examples

Below is a very short list of some very common words that show "position before" and show a relationship between the two words that they connect.  There are many more in the English language, but this will give you a good start.

Strive for success!

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