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To prepare a successful office manager resume, begin by thinking like the potential employer.  

What is an office manager?

What is an office manager?  You want a position as an office manager, but before you can apply, you need to think like the reader/recipient of your resume.

What is the reader going to want to read in a candidate for this position of office manager?

Always write for the reader in everything you do.  So, begin by thinking like the potential employer.

The office manager must be organized.  That’s a given – a no-brainer.  But more than that, if you are going to be the one who is “running” the office, then you have to be able to get on with people.  You must be able motivate people.  You must be able to resolve any potential personality issues between some of your employees.

You must be positive.  You will have to stress the positive in all you do and eliminate the negatives.  If you have an issue with someone, avoid the critical comments.  Instead, indicate how one might achieve success with a change of approach or a change of attitude.  (But try to avoid any terminology that will bring forth a negative response from the listener.)

The Office Manager Resume must show your competence

Organized.  So, you must be organized.  You must be able to lead and motivate those who work with you.  (And you don’t want to indicate “those under you” as much as you want to indicate those who with “with” you.  The team approach will work well.)

Competent.You must be competent in your abilities and your skills.  Your office manager resume must show clearly your abilities and your skills.

Reliable.  Responsible.  You must be a reliable and responsible worker.  You must know what a successful office looks like and what needs to be done to accomplish all the tasks required of the business you’re in.

Anticipate.You will need to be able to anticipate and order supplies.

A happy place.  You’ll want to know what your employees (the ones who work “with” you) will want every day when they come into work.  Is this office a happy place?  Is it a pleasure to come to work?  How can you make it a more pleasant place? 

Study to improve yourself.  One can study the psychology of the worker and the workplace.  If an individual feels in control, there is more chance that there is progress and accomplishment.  If an individual feels valued as an employee, then that individual is more likely to want to go a little further and to do an outstanding job.  It’s all about appreciation.  And one cannot over-emphasize that aspect of a working world.

So, you as the office manager will have to be competent in all these areas.

Show your interest in upgrading and improving yourself

If you don’t know anything (or enough) about any of these aspects of being an office manager, then you can take courses.  You can read.  You can study.  You can learn. 

Willing to learn.  Willing to work hard.  And if you are willing to learn, then the potential employer is going to be more interested in you than if it appears that you have “arrived” and you don’t want to improve yourself or stay up with the times. 

If you convey a tone of complacency or that you deserve this promotion in your office manager resume, it may be that you won’t receive the success you hope for.

Show your willingness to help

Willing to help.  The potential employer wants someone who will be willing help the employer, who will be able to help the company, who will be willing to work with and motivate the employees, and someone who will help to make the workplace a very comfortable and happy place.  That’s what you need to think about about you want to apply for the office manager.

On this website is information about how to build an effective resume.  In this situation – for the office manager resume - you will include all your relevant personal information with the clear emphasis on everything that I have discussed above.

How can you help?  How can you contribute?

 How can you help the employer?  What can you contribute?  How can you motivate those with whom you will be working? 

If necessary, you can add a short paragraph and a short section entitled “Relevant Comments” or “My Motivation”  or something similar that the reader will be able to see clearly (it should “jump off the page” at the reader) and truly catch the eye of the potential employer.  If you can manage that, you are most likely to get the interview!

Much success!

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