Letter of Complaint Sample

Here is a letter of complaint that was sent recently and very successfully.  The response was received very quickly - and that shows that the company is an excellent and reputable company.

One of the advantages of sending a complaint letter - when it is truly warranted - is that, not only can you hope for some proper restitution, but you can see immediately the quality of the company and the personnel representing that company.

If they take your complaint seriously, and understand that the customer is very important to their business image, then they will respond appropriately.  You will be happy in their response.

Letter of Complaint - Sample

This letter was sent recently and a response received quickly.  The company has offered to send a brand new puzzle to the writer.

See if you agree that this is a good letter.


SUBJECT – Please help!  Incomplete puzzle!

The excellent jigsaw puzzle that I recently received as a gift for my birthday is incomplete.  There are 997 pieces instead of the stated 1000.  Would you be able to send me the three missing pieces so that I can finish this exceptional work of art?

The complete picture from the box cover is shown at the right:

My sister-in-law purchased the puzzle for me because it was a special birthday, and because she knows how much I enjoy puzzles.  This was a special puzzle because of the design. 

I spent a considerable amount of time – nearly three weeks – to complete this puzzle, only to discover that three pieces are missing.  As you can see, the loss of these pieces makes the finished product far from a work-of-art. 

I am so terribly disappointed, not only because I have spent such unproductive time, but that the puzzle, which I intended to frame, simply cannot be framed in this condition.  My sister-in-law will be so very disappointed as well, not to see the finished product!

Attached are the photos of the finished puzzle, showing clearly the pieces missing.

Please contact me by email at  happycomplainant@hotmail.com  to let me know how you can rectify this situation.  I would be grateful for your help in completing this puzzle as soon as possible.  

Kind regards,

Ms. Jane Doe

Attachment – 2 pages (photos of the puzzle)


Letter of Complaint - what you need to know and note

What you need to note about this letter of complaint is that it follows the style and format presented earlier.

  • The opening paragraph is short.  It begins with the statement of the problem.  It adds a short direct request for action.
  • The middle paragraph(s) provide the details.  Briefly.  Politely.  Clearly.
  • The mention is made briefly of an enclosure.
  • The closing paragraph is short.  It begins with a direct request for action.  It provides a short goodwill comment that highlights benefits to the reader.

Letter of Complaint - response

The letter was sent by email - not through the postal service.  Why?

The company seems to have only an online access - through email.  There was no proper postal address provided.

In this day and age, we know that the postal service - though it may be very reliable - will take much longer than the instant email.

As a result, the letter of complaint was sent by email, and a response was received almost immediately.  Here is the response:


Thank you for getting in touch!

We would be happy to send you a replacement puzzle; however, unfortunately each puzzle is cut uniquely so pieces are non-transferable. Based on this, you are welcome to receive either the same title or another title of your choice – you can browse our titles at www.ourwebsite.com

Thank you for purchasing our puzzles.


Best Regards,


So, the recipient is a happy individual.  She will now have her new puzzle sent to her very soon.

This letter style is a very useful tool - as long as it is written respectfully and clearly.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this successful scenario and can apply the format to your own situations.

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