Improve Writing Skills

You have a goal - Improve Writing Skills.

You have an idea.  You know what you would like to be - or to become - but how do you get there? 

How?  It sounds like such a daunting task.

Improve writing skills

Do you simply practice writing?  How will you know what's right and what's not right?  And more than that, how will you know when something is better - even though more than one style of writing might be quite accurate?

These are some difficult questions, and you can get some help so that you can, indeed, achieve your goal of improving your writing skills.

In learning to improve writing skills, there are many considerations.  The grammar rules play an important role.  Punctuation rules and spelling are equally important.   All of these concerns combine to make one's writing either quite excellent - that is, it is easy to understand - or quite distracting and ineffective.

Most people today use a computer - and you are using one right now to read this.  The computer has taken over our society.  This technology is causing many changes.  However, the excellent writers do not stray far from the understood basics.

Question yourself.  If you assume without hesitation that you are a good writer, you may be fooling yourself. 

The adjective "excellent" in communication is something better left to others to apply to you - rather than your applying that term to yourself. 

  • Improve your writing skills in punctuation.  Review a variety of rules for punctuation by clicking the links on this website.
  • Improve your writing skills through accurate spelling.  A list of commonly misspelled words can be found here.  (I've linked to Wikipedia to avoid reinventing the list - and you could easily add your own commonly misspelled words to the list.)
  • Learn as many of these commonly misspelled words as you can.  (If you know that you always misspell a certain word, then always look it up to be sure - and you may soon actually learn it.)
  • Review and learn your parts of speech because they have important roles in your writing.  Learn how they fit in if you wish to improve your writing skills.
  • Improve your writing skills through basic grammar rules.



Good writing skills make reading a pleasure

A good letter writing format makes the business letter easy to read and understand.  Writing a professional resume requires that your important information jump from the page - simply, clearly, and easily.

Write for your reader Consider your reader in everything you write to improve writing skills.  Never assume that the reader has an understanding of your situation before he/she begins to read. 

Introduce the topic - whether it's in a letter or in a resume - Introduce the topic clearly and briefly.  Succinct writing makes for good writing.

Most, if not all, good writing begins with a short introduction, provides the details in the middle, and ends with a short closing.  This writing tip applies to all documents - letters, memos, reports, resumes.

When you write, plan for the successful outcome.

All in all, you need a plan.  Use your skills to maintain an effective level of writing.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well - so give it a try.  You have everything to gain!

Focus on success as you learn to improve your writing skills.

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