Help Writing a Resume
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Unless you are already an expert, you need help writing a resume.

Your resume must be professional – but there could well be different levels of professionalism in the help you may need and the help you get. 

You can improve your writing skills!

How do you begin to write a resume?  What tools do you need?

  • Good quality bond paper – white or off-white
  • A good-quality printer
  • A computer with a word processing program

Some formatting basics for help writing a resume

  • Use a standard font – Times New Roman 12-point font is an excellent one to use.  Only someone well versed in fonts is qualified to make an appropriate change.
  • Add a proper heading at the top of the page with all the required personal contact information.  The ownership of the document needs to be clear at a glance.
  • Try to keep the resume to one page, but avoid cramming.  If you have to spill over to a second page, that’s fine.  Just don’t write a 16-page resume.  No one is that good!
  • Avoid cramming too much onto one page.   You need a sufficient amount of “white space” to make the reading easy and comfortable.
  • Add a proper header and page number at the top of a second page, if you require a second page. 
  • Make the important information jump from the page.  That is your goal
  • Highlight the important information.  That is also an important goal.

Most professionals will charge to do a professional job.



Further help writing a resume

What information would be required before someone could prepare a professional resume for you?

  • The name of the job you’re applying for.  If it’s an ad, I need to see the ad itself – or a close approximation. 
  • A little about the company – the nature of the business, the full name and address
  • The skills (relevant skills) you have that would match what the prospective employer wants and needs
  • Your objective.  Your long-term objective (career goal) as well as the short-term objective of this particular resume.  Do you want long-term employment?  Short-term employment?  Part-time employment? 

You will also have to provide your previous work history to the professional preparing your resume document.  Provide the following:

  • The name of each position you held
  • The name of each company
  • The nature of the company (its business)
  • The dates you worked at each company
  • What you did at each place?
  • Anything significant that you did at your job.
  • Anything significant that you learned at your job.
  • Did you supervise anyone at the job?
  • What strengths did you display at the job?  
  • Were you responsible?  Were you on time every day?  Were you reliable? 
  • Did you work alone or independently?
  • Did you work as part of a team?
  • Did you have a good relationship with your work-mates?  
  • Why did you leave your previous employment?  
  • Your age and gender.  I would not use that on the resume, but I would  to know that to prepare an accurate resume.
  • Your complete home address, and all your contact details, including telephone and email.

The above should provide you with a good resume writing help - a good start!  You can develop your own excellent writing style, and you'll be writing a good resume before you know it! 

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