Highlight your strengths in the
Functional Resume

The Functional Resume.  What is it?

The Functional Resume.  The name contains the root word function. It refers to an activity or purpose.

When you create this type of resume, you prepare your resume to highlight specific skills and activities that will make you an excellent candidate for the application.

Education and Work History become less important than the skills you have learned in the course of your life experiences.

Changing Careers or Coming Back to Work after an Absence

You certainly will highlight the skills more than other information you may include. Generally, this type of resume writing is good for the individual who is hoping to change careers or for someone who may be just starting out in the work force.

Highlight the Positives

This resume may not provide a complete picture of your work history. Instead, it focuses on the positives – your strengths. It highlights skills that will be beneficial to the job application. The lack of a long work history becomes of much lesser importance.

With a chronological resume, it is difficult to hide the lack of a work history in a chronological resume. The gaps will jump out at the reader, and that is the sort of information that you do not wish to have jump out at the reader.

In contrast, the same individual can prepare an excellent functional resume which will be able to highlight very effectively the positives of the individual’s education and work experience – all positives – rather than focusing on the negatives.

Which would you rather have? Obviously, you want to be writing the perfect resume!

The benefit of this style of resume

The reader can see clearly what your strengths are, and what you are willing to contribute to the application.

Will your document pass the all-important 10-second test?

As with any resume, choose an appropriate format and style. Craft your resume to ensure that your document does, indeed, pass that all-important 10-second test.

This resume is a good style for someone entering the work force for the first time or for someone re-entering the work force after a considerable absence. It can highlight skills – important life skills – that you have learned during the time without paid employment.

  • Volunteer activities can provide you with excellent skills.
  • Managing a home and family can also be seen as very positive skills.

You may consider including the following sections:

  • Objective
  • Relevant Skills
  • Strengths and Achievements
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Education
  • References

A sample of a basic Functional Resume follows

In addition to the above, this resume will include sections on EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and INTERESTS.

The final section is the REFERENCES to end the document.  Under the title, simply write Available upon Request.

In Summary

You will be writing the perfect resume to highlight your strengths and skills with this excellent and practical resume format!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Strive for success!

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