With Effective Resume Writing
Focus on Success!

Effective resume writing is a skill that can be learned. Are you looking for resume writing help? Focus on a few goals as you consider what to include in your resume.

  • Remember the 10-second test!
  • Consider the reader of your resume.
  • Under what circumstances will your resume be reviewed?

Does the following sound about right?

  • The job has been advertised. You have to start thinking and remembering all you know about professional resume writing.

  • The employer knows exactly what kind of person will be the perfect candidate.

  • A perfect job candidate must fit in and be an excellent part of a team.

  • Can you be that perfect candidate?

  • You have 10 seconds to prove that quickly to your reader - 10 seconds to show the prospective employer that you've been writing the perfect resume.



The reader will scan the document. What is he/she looking for?

  • Neatness
  • Organization
  • Clear side headings. Side headings clearly visible so that the specific information wanted can be found quickly.
  • Easy to read. Your reader does not want to "work" to read the resume.

    And in truth, if your resume is formatted well, the important information will almost read itself to your reader. The important information can truly jump off the page.

...and of course, the employer wants to see that your qualifications match the requirements of the position.

The reader has specific needs that must be filled in this position. You must indicate clearly that you are willing and able to fill those needs for your reader.

That's where the resume objective can become an excellent feature of effective resume writing. The objective is at the top of the resume, and that is one area the reader will see very quickly.

Make the reading easy.

If the reader needs to hunt to see your qualifications, the reader is likely not to do that - particularly when there are many other interested candidates all vying for the same job.

So, in the initial review - the 10-second test - you must pass!

  • Indicate your willingness to learn
  • Indicate your willingness to work hard
  • Indicate your willingness to be part of the team
  • Indicate your willingness to contribute to your reader's needs
  • Focus on the reader
  • Highlight the particular skills that are most necessary

Consider whether you need to highlight your skills or education more. You'll provide all that information, but you can highlight one or the other by the positioning of that information in the document.

With practice and attention to detail, you can be known for the best resume writing! And you may even be able in the near future to provide others help writing a resume.

Strive for success!

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