Complaint Letter

The complaint letter. I've always enjoyed writing a complaint. If the reader of your letter has any sense of humour, or if the company is a responsible one, you will receive a response with a very good tone and style, and you may even receive a little bonus gift in the mail.

It's fun to write the complaint letter if the situation is not a very serious one. The template is a very easy one.

If the claim is a serious one, following this business template will work wonders for you.

  • The short opening that immediately focuses the reader will make the letter very easy to read.
  • The details of the complaint provided in the middle will clarify the situation
  • The final short paragraph that asks for action immediately will likely get that action
  • The final short goodwill comment will provide the reader with a very positive frame of mind



What to include in the Complaint Letter

1. In the opening short paragraph of this business letter template for the complaint letter, begin with the name of the item and go from there.

Tell what is wrong with the item. But keep the opening paragraph short. Add a very short, goodwill comment that asks for action. For example - the opening paragraph:

The xxx that I purchased on August 1 is defective. OR

The xxx that I purchased from your retail outlet on August 1 is not working as it should work. Very easy and simple.

Then, add the short request for action to focus the reader in this complaint letter:

The xxx that I purchased from your retail outlet on August 1 is not working as it should work. Please either replace the damaged xxx with a new, working model or provide me with a complete refund.


2. In the middle paragraphs provide the details.

It's quite easy to become chatty, but try to avoid too much detail. Write what you want to write, and then go over it and over it so that you provide only the very basic details.

  • Keep the paragraphs short.
  • Write in short sentences
  • Write with active voice.

Consider something like the following - but be brief and direct:

From the moment I opened the xxx, it did not work properly. The xxx did this and the xxx did not do this, as it was supposed to do.

In the middle of this letter, it's always a good idea to add a note of how disappointed or inconvenienced you are by the situation. Be sincere and real. Here's a sample:

Because I had ordered this xxx for a special party on the weekend, you can imagine how disappointed I am that I am now unable to use it. OR

Because this unit has cost me additional time and money to figure out what is wrong, you can imagine how inconvenienced I have been with the business slowdown.

If you've had additional expenses as a result, you can mention them briefly in a short sentence before the closing paragraph.


Continue with the standard business letter template.

3. Finish with a short closing paragraph.

Begin with a request for action. Keep the closing short. All your closing paragraphs can begin in the same way:

Please contact me at ... to let me know how you will rectify this situation.

Something like the above is a good way to begin the final paragraph in the letter. If you know that the action will be something specific, you might mention that:

Please contact me at ... to provide me with ...

To that first sentence, add a final goodwill comment that is positive and makes the reader feel good. For example:

Please contact me at ... to let me know how you will rectify this situation. Because you have provided excellent products in the past, I look forward to a positive response. OR

Please contact me at ... to let me know how you will rectify this situation. Because your company has an excellent reputation for service, I look forward to a positive response.

If you approach the negatives in your life with a positive attitude, and look at them as an opportunity for writing practice - writing business letters and using your business writing skills - you will become a happier individual and you will be learning some excellent business communications solutions. You may be rewarded with positive results!

Positive communications styles are far more effective than anything negative. So, onward and upward!

Here are some complaint letter examples. The first one ABOVE shows the letter as it would be positioned on the page.

The second BELOW - full page - shows the entire letter. Enjoy!

Simply follow the format provided - insert your own specific information for your situation - and your can write a most effective and professional complaint letter.

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