Highlight your "All" with the
Combination Resume

What is a Combination Resume? This resume is simply one that strives to highlight your skills along with complete information on your Education and Work History. All the entries are presented in reverse chronological order – with the most recent activities first.

When you create this type of resume, you prepare your resume to highlight specific skills and activities along with presenting a complete picture of your Education and Work History.

Generally, this type of resume is a good choice for the individual who may be hoping for a promotion. It clearly presents the solid work history, along with a listing of the individual’s strengths and skills - important prerequisites for a promotion.

The functional aspect of this resume highlights skills that will be beneficial to the job application. The chronological aspect clearly factors in the solid work history.

Best of both worlds. This type of resume can be the best of both worlds.

This resume writing format may be the key to your success! You can demonstrate your excellent writing skill!

Will this document pass the all-important 10-second test?

As with any resume, you can choose an appropriate format and style, and you can craft your resume to ensure that your document does, indeed, pass that all-important 10-second test.

What is your emphasis? What do you need to emphasize in your job application? Skills? Solid work history? Community involvement? Interests?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Focus on Success.



What sections to include in the Combination Resume?

You may consider including the following sections:

  • Objective
  • Relevant Skills
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Strengths and Achievements
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Interests
  • References

Objective. In the Objective, be clear, but do not limit yourself unnecessarily. You want to be considered appropriately for any position for which you qualify.

Relevant skills. Highlight skills that relate to the employment you seek. For example, if you are applying for an Accounting position, your qualification as a swimming instructor may not be the most relevant.

Education. The employer wants to know your education background. You must include this section in all resumes.

Work History. If you have a gap in your work history, you may be able to de-emphasize that gap by highlighting your skills and other relevant skills.

Strengths and Achievements. These may be optional in a resume, but the more you can add that will positively impact the reader’s impression, the better for you.

Volunteer Activities. An employer wants to know that you are interested in helping others. You should be willing “to go the extra mile” if you want to be considered in the best light.

Interests. Avoid highlighting very specific interests unless they are relevant to your job application.

References. You can omit the specific References until you actually gain the interview. A simple “Available upon Request” is sufficient at this early stage.

In everything you do, ensure accuracy in all regards through proofreading. Spell-check to avoid typos, and read and reread your work to ensure that it provides the vision of you for the reader that you want to project.

You can do it!

With that positive attitude, that positive approach, and that positive confidence, you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

The Combination Resume (as with any resume) is only a two-dimensional version of you. Your goal is to make this document the best possible description of yourself. Focus on success with an excellent communication style.

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