Business Letter Format
A few simple guidelines

Business Letters and Business Letter Format

Your business letter format, your letter writing format, and your business writing generally can say a great deal about you or your company.

Most letters today are prepared on a computer at a place of business where speed and efficiency are paramount.

The full-blocked letter with open punctuation is probably the most common choice and makes a very good business letter format. Everything would begin at the left margin.

Personal business letters

A personal business letter, on the other hand -- written from a person to a business -- is probably written on a computer, but that is not necessarily so.

That individual might use the indented paragraphs and place the date at the centre of the page. It's a bit of an older style -- but is equally correct.

My preference

My preference is the full-block style with open punctuation. It's quick and easy. This would be an excellent format for writing a cover letter.

If you choose another style, you must be sure to use it correctly. There is nothing worse than a letter that does not sit well on the page and does not present itself well.

Writing and presenting your documents well will help to show off your good writing skills.

  • Many computer programs provide you with templates so that you can set up your work in a rather professional way. They claim to make the writing format very easy.
  • Only if you know how to use those programs can you be successful.

My philosophy

My philosophy when working with computers is that I will tell the computer software how I want my work to appear. I don't want the computer software to tell me how to set up my work.

I want to be able to control my own documents.

A few basics

Here are a few of the most basic guidelines:

  • Ensure that the final product is properly framed on the page - like a work of art
  • Ensure equal left and right margins
  • Ensure equal top and bottom margins - one inch
  • Place the date roughly 2 inches from the top of the page
  • Include sufficient white space to make reading easy
  • Write in short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Use the Print Preview feature of your computer program to make the final position adjustments

Examples of various writing formats will be provided shortly through links.

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