Assertive Communication in Business Writing

Assertive Communication

The term “assertive” means something that is quite definite.  People will notice.  You are trying to stand out in a positive way – and you probably do stand out.  People do take notice.  

The term means confident, positive, and self-assured.

You are trying to make a statement – and you do - a positive and effective one.

The term generally has a positive connotation - something quite pleasant. 

Enhance your business writing with this tone!

Assertive Communication shows that you have a direction

This type of written business communication provides clear and definite language and instructions for the reader.  The photo at right shows a happy and positive communication - quite clear and definite.

  • It is a pleasure to read. 
  • It is clear. 
  • There is no confusion.  

This type of excellent assertive communication in business is what you strive for.

You might disagree with the term “assertive.”  A similar word "aggressive" has a pejorative (or negative) connotation.  So try not to confuse the two.  The graphic at the right shows aggression.

The positive meaning is something we should strive for - so that we can be noticed and taken seriously. 

  • You want to make a statement. 
  • You want to be noticed. 
  • You want to achieve the purpose for which you set out. 
  • You can achieve that by making yourself clear.  

The negative term is totally different from the former.  Strive to be positive.

You want to be taken seriously.  Assert yourself happily to become successful in business. 

  • Do not sit back and allow others to speak for you. 
  • Do not sit back and allow others to achieve the success that you so very much wish to achieve. 
  • You need to be seen, be noticed, and become successful.  

You can achieve that with your happy and positive style of communication.

Always write for the reader

Always consider the reader.  Consider what the reader wants to read or hear.

  • Consider the advantages to your reader. 
  • Consider the benefits to your reader.  
  • Write clearly and succinctly for your reader.  

Be clear.  Be straightforward.  Be assertive. 

Be assertive in your business writing

Make sure that the reader knows what you feel, and knows and understands your message clearly.

  • Use strong and forceful verbs.  
  • Use short sentences.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Write in active voice (where the subject performs the action.)
  • State clearly how your reader can benefit. 
  • Be succinct in your writing.

This type of positive and clear communication will get the results you want.  It will get you noticed.  It will have the reader contacting you or following up.  

  • Avoid sitting passively in the background.
  • Avoid overwhelming your reader with negative tactics.

Simply be clear.

  • Be persuasive.
  • Highlight the benefits and the goodness that the reader can achieve.
  • Downplay all the references to the writer. 
  • Tell what you can do for the reader and how you can assist the reader.

Write only what you need to write.  

Focus on success.

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