The Adverb in Business Writing

The Adverb is an important part of English grammar.  This part of speech is a descriptive word or phrase.  

It describes a verb usually, but it can also describe an adjective and it can also describe another word of the same part of speech.  It’s a very flexible part of speech!

A word that describes a verb.  It can be more than a word, though.  It can be a group of words, known as a phrase.  Still, that group of words can describe a verb, can describe an adjective, and describe another adverb.

So, let’s look at a few examples.  Writing clearly and professionally means that you have a command of the English language.

  • Use words that provide a very clear description of what it is you are thinking. 
  • Your reader can then visualize clearly what message you wish to convey in your written words.

An adverb often ends in "ly"

Often, this part of speech can end in “ly.”  That is one characteristic that can usually separate it from the adjective.  However, there are a few adjectives that end in “ly” as well.  One that comes to mind immediately is “friendly.”  

You may be able to create this descriptive part of speech from other words - even from adjectives – by adding the “ly” ending.  Take for example:

You can also sometimes add "ly" to a noun.  As an example,

“Friend” becomes “Friendly”

Answers a few questions after the verb

This part of speech answers a few questions after the verb – and that is one way to identify it, whether it's a single word or a phrase. 

Why? - How? - When? - Where? - Why?

There are many times, even as you get older, when you may be asked to describe someone – a friend or an acquaintance.  If you are asked to describe someone, you can use some excellent adjectives, and you can also use some excellent descriptors of “how” or “why” your friend may have done a few things.

Having a command of your English language is such a help.  This command of English and the facility with words and parts of speech can help you move up in the business world.  Your ability to communicate is something that allows you to be noticed.

  • If your words are kind and generous, people will like you.
  • If your words are elegant in times of stress, people will notice you and be attracted to you. 
  • You will be asked to speak or you will be asked to write on behalf of others.

Communication is what binds us together.  The ability to communicate is also what allows us to stand apart from the rest.  

An eloquent speaker/writer is one who has that command of language.  Increase your vocabulary by conscious effort and conscientious study.  

Resources in your study.  To find synonyms, use the Thesaurus and the Dictionary as references.

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