Resume Cover Letter Examples

Resume cover letter examples.  The resume cover letter is simply a letter that accompanies the resume.  Any letter that accompanies a resume is an application for the position.  So, we could consider this a proper “letter of application.” 

Here are some examples of what you might say.  It's a sample resume cover letter.  It is an excellent resume cover letter template - so be sure to use it.

Basic Resume Cover Letter Examples for a service position

For a basic service resume cover letter –

NOTE:  Discover the person who will receive the resume and write directly to that individual.  The examples include that specific information.

Dear Mr. Lightbourne

Please consider me for the position of …  I know that my skills and experience will be an asset to your firm.

The middle paragraph(s) must tell why you are qualified for the position. 

As someone who has always had an interest in serving the public, I have worked hard to gain the necessary experience to make my way in this field.  I have worked at … for several years, part-time while I was in school, and I have also …

My general skills and characteristics include bringing a cheery disposition to my workplace, working hard to be helpful and to be a vital part of the work team, and always going “the extra mile” to become an important part of the happy work environment.  I am honest and trustworthy.

Specifically, I have mastered the skills of …

My resume is attached.  Please review it for the details of my skills and experience.

The closing paragraph should be short.  Begin with a direct request for action and add a goodwill comment that highlights benefits to the reader.

Please contact me by telephone at … to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your firm.  I look forward to speaking with you about this excellent opportunity to serve the public.

Yours sincerely,

The Inside Address

Resume Cover Letter Examples of the Inside Address

The reader wants to know that you have done your homework – done your research.  That is why it is important to know exactly to whom you are writing, and gear the letter directly to that individual. 

  • Find out the location of the firm. 
  • Get the proper address. 
  • Be sure to spell the individual’s name correctly. 
  • Highlight the correct position.

Then, the Inside Address for your letter will look something like this:

Do your homework!  Do your research!

When you get to the interview, if you have some personal knowledge of the individual who will be interviewing you, you may have some advantage because the interview will be a more personal meeting.

If you have some volunteer experience in an area that relates to the interviewer, you will also have an advantage.

So, do your homework.  Research the company and the employer.  Focus on success!

Cover letter for resumes

Here are some resume cover letter examples.  The letter is shown below as it would appear on the page.  It represents a  verygood sample resume cover letter.

...and in full size so you can see roughly the position on the page.

The standard margin on all sides is one inch at the top, bottom, left and right.  That presents the document as a "work of art" with a proper frame.  It looks attractive and very professional.

In this example, Times New Roman 12-point font is used.  The paragraphs are single-spaced.  There is one blank line between paragraphs.

If you use this resume cover letter template, you should be able to produce your own excellent resume and you'll become an excellent business writer.

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