Professional Business Writing
That All-Important Positive Impression!

Communicate! Communicate!

What is Professional Business Writing? Where to start?

We all communicate!

We communicate orally – we talk to each other! – and we communicate in writing.

In business or otherwise, it is vital for all of us to show ourselves in the best possible light. Writing for business encompasses many different kinds of communications – business letters,business resumes, business reports, business memos and business emails.

You CAN be known for your excellent business documents.

You can be seen in a whole new light! You will be ever so much more confident when you know that you can write well.

Study and learn the basics. It’s a matter of learning and applying a few good strategies to all your writing. It just takes a little practice.

My mission statement

  • To provide you, my readers, a wealth of valuable information.
  • To assist and encourage you to improve your business writing and to become a professional in every sense.
  • To help you strive for success!

Effective writing is a skill that can be learned

Put your best foot forward in all situations. Professional Business Writing encompasses many different kinds of communications:

Emails are a much more pervasive means of communication than ever before, and it seems that everyone can use a short primer on how to write effectively with email.

Write simply in all you do. Write succinctly. Be clear! Be understood!

You know how to communicate with people.

You do it every day. All day long you sell yourself. It’s the same thing with writing.

Think about the types of things you write – or read for that matter – on a daily basis at your jobsite. Or perhaps you belong to an organization that must distribute information to its members.

Think about what kinds of information need to be imparted and shared – one person to another – one organization to another. I will discuss many types of business writing and professional business writing on these pages.

Are you intimidated by the thought of having to write? Are you comfortable talking to others, but find that writing makes you freeze?

I have been writing, and teaching writing, for well over 30 years. In that time, I've learned that I dislike taking the time required to read through something if I have to “work” to read it. I have better ways to occupy my time – and one of those is to help you write more clearly and effectively.

Communications can, and should, be clear and easy to understand.

Make the important information jump off the page. Make your communications clear. You can do that by following a few basic rules of good and effective communication:

  • Write simply and clearly.
  • Write in short sentences.
  • Write in short paragraphs.
  • Use side headings to catch the reader’s interest and attention.
  • Make the important information jump from the page.
  • Proofread for accuracy in all regards.

Use graphical highlighting techniques (side headings in bold, bulleted points, short sentences, short paragraphs, perhaps some graphics and tables) to make the information very easy to read and understand.

Learning and applying the basics will be one of the smartest investments you will ever make.

Reading through these pages will provide you an excellent basis upon which to build.

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